Serving at St. Paul's

There are many opportunities to be involved in the daily and weekly life of St. Paul's. Contact Weltha in the Parish Office to connect with the ministry head responsible for each. 970-482-2668 or office@stpauls-fc.org


Daughters of the King (DOK) - DOK is order for women who are communicants of the Episcopal Church, as well as communicants of the Roman Catholic, Lutheran, and Anglican churches. We have made promises of prayer and service and welcome any woman interested in our mission. Our chapter meets the third Saturday of the month from September through May at 9:30 am.

One of our member’s fathers, The Right Rev.  Hiram Kano, an Episcopalian priest, was recently made a saint by the National Episcopal Church. Father Kano served many families in the Diocese of Nebraska, ministered to fellow prisoners when he was interned in a Japanese camp during WWII, and wrote a book of those stories, “Nikkei Farmer on the Nebraska Plains.” Ministry head: Mary Jean Currier   Learn More >

Hospitality - The hospitality team at St. Paul’s is an integral part of our welcoming mission. They manage the serving of food, coffee, tea and juices for coffee hour after each Sunday service. Parishioners volunteer to prepare, bring the food, and clean up.

Parish Companions - Parish Companions are available to anyone in the parish who is in special need of prayers and support during a hard time. They are trained in listening skills and in being a compassionate presence. Companions visit anyone who has asked the Rector for their help. Ministry Head: Elaine Hild

Prayer Chain - The Prayer Chain, for anyone in need recommended by anyone in the parish, is managed by the Daughters of the King.


The Communications Team gathers and shares information within the St. Paul’s community and beyond. It is responsible for the St. Paul’s website, Facebook presence, weekly on-line newsletter and bulletin announcements. Ministry Heads: Laurie Gudim and Judy Matthews


The Finance Team ensures that the funds available to the parish are used in the best manner possible to further God’s work. The Team provides an overall system of financial controls through the use of best practices and Episcopal Church guidelines. It conducts an annual audit of Parish finances, prepares an annual budget for review and approval by the Vestry, monitors the financial health of the Parish and recommends corrective actions as needed. The Finance Team also oversees Parish investments and supervises the weekly counting procedures and timely bank deposits. Membership includes the Parish Treasurer as an ex-officio member, as well as other Parish volunteers trained in accounting.fluctuating between 5 and 8 members.


Acolytes - Acolytes participate during the service by carrying the torches, the Gospel and the cross during the procession, helping the priest set the table, and ringing the Sanctus bell during the blessing of the Eucharist. All ages are welcome. Ministry heads: Becky Sheller and Tim Johnson

Altar Guild - The Altar Guild prepares and sets up the altar and Eucharistic vessels prior to the service and cares for the sacred objects of worship. Ministry head: Tim Johnson

Altar Flowers - A team of people, rotating each month, purchases and arranges the altar flowers for Sunday services and special occasions. They also distribute the altar flowers after the service to people who have birthdays or anniversaries during the coming week.

Chalice Ministers - Chalice Ministers assist the priest in distributing communion. They lead the Prayers of the People and also double as lectors, reading the first selection from scripture for the day. Please join us to be a gracious host at Christ’s table. Ministry head: Laurie Gudim

Eucharistic Bread Bakers – A team of people rotating throughout the year bake the unleavened bread for the Eucharist. We also have gluten-free wafers available at each service. Ministry Head: Jodi Werner

Eucharistic Ministers - Eucharistic ministers are trained lay people who take the Holy Eucharist to those who are unable to attend Sunday worship. They are licensed by the diocese for a period of three years.

Lectors – Lectors read the first and second lessons and lead the congregation in saying the psalm. This is a ministry of proclamation, and everyone is welcome to volunteer. Ministry head: Laurie Gudim

The Worship Team — This group of people discerns the worship needs of the community and insures that members from the 8 am and 9 am services are in good communication with one another. Do you love liturgy? Come and join us. MInistry head: Laurie Gudim

Ushers — Our ushers are the first face of hospitality and welcome everyone sees when they come to St. Paul’s. They double as greeters, passing out the bulletins while keeping a sharp lookout for those who are new to insure that they are welcomed and at home. During the service the ushers pass out offering plates, guide people to communion, and generally help with comfort and smooth running. Ministry head: Pony Davis