Sunday Services at St. Paul's at Trinity

Sunday Mornings, 8:00 am

Episcopal Services are held at 8:00 am on second and fourth Sundays of the month in the sanctuary.  The second Sunday is Rite I; the fourth Sunday is Rite II).  Worship booklets and copies of the Book of Common Prayer will be available at the church entrance.  There will be no music at these services.

Lutheran services are held at 8:00 am every first and fourth Sundays (with music).

Combined Episcopal/Lutheran services will be held on fifth Sundays.


Sunday Mornings - 9:00 am
Service of Holy Communion, Rite II
A celebration with music led by organ and choir, this Eucharist is the heart of the 1979 Book of Common Prayer.  Variations in the prayers and worship music respond to changes in the seasons of the church year and to the scriptures being read that day.  The service is read from a Worship Booklet, copies of which are at the entrance to the sanctuary.  Hymns will be projected onto the screen.  For those who prefer to follow the musical score, copies of the hymnals can be picked up on the rack on arrival at the entrance to the sanctuary.  Please return the hymnals to the rack when you leave. 

Tuesday Morning - 7:00 am
Weekday Service of Holy Communion, held in Rev. Lyn's office. Optional breakfast follows the service.

Children's Programming on Sundays
St. Paul's at Trinity is a kid-friendly place, and your little ones are more than welcome to join you at worship.  Sunday School is held in Room 5 each Sunday from 8:55 to 9:35 am.  A nursery for children ages 0-5 is open from 8:55 - 10:30 am (until 11:30 am when required).