Outreach in Fort Collins

To assist God’s work in the world, St. Paul’s parishioners are actively engaged in a variety of social action efforts in the Fort Collins area.

Volunteer Work

Many of our parishioners individually volunteer for numerous activities that benefit the Fort Collins community. They do so based on individual interests, passions, and skills. As a group, St. Paul’s parishioners provide volunteer services at the Food Bank and the Faith, Family, Hospitality program.

Faith, Family, Hospitality Program

One of our major parish efforts is participating with other churches in Fort Collins in the Faith, Family, Hospitality program, providing meals, conversation, and support to homeless families.  For further information contact Marianne Lutton at mteklits@gmail.com.

Food Bank of Larimer County

Food Bank Partnership

For I was hungry and you gave me food… Matthew 25:35

St. Paul’s and Mary of Magdala are working together to collect food for the Food Bank of Larimer County.

Please contact Gray Currier at gray.currier@gmail.com for further information.

Sharing our Space

St. Paul's makes its space available each week to various groups, including AA and Foothills Gateway.

Giving Tree

Each Christmas parishioners donate gifts for children in need.  Contact Joan Stevenson at josiej7@gmail.com.

Social Justice and Outreach

St. Paul’s Social Justice group serves as a clearing house for information to the parish and through our Facebook about activities in Fort Collins that offer opportunities to improve life for people in the city. The Social Justice group searches out opportunities for participating in social action, outreach, and informational efforts to build tolerance, compassion, support, and reconciliation among all our neighbors and residents. The group also invites community leaders to speak about their situations, struggles, and stories. Contact Joan Stephenson at josiej7@gmail.com.

"Voice for Life"

St. Paul’s music program is offering the "Voice for Life" program through the Royal School of Church Music in America.  Read more about "Voice for Life" at http://www.rscmamerica.org/voice-for-life.php.  For further information on the St. Paul's program, please contact Kay Williams at k.e.williams60@gmail.com.