A New Path

In the spring of 2016, after much discernment and discussion, St. Paul’s decided to sell our property and find a new location. 

On October 26, St. Paul's moved to Trinity Lutheran Church at 301 E. Stuart Street, Fort Collins.  We are all thrilled to be sharing with our brothers and sisters in Christ from both Trinity Lutheran and the Mary of Magdala Ecumenical Catholic Community, which has also relocated to Trinity. 

As of the end of 2018, we have moved forward into a new season of discernment as our interim rector ended her time with us. We are awaiting candidates to interview for the position of Priest in Charge as we pray about and study the question of where we are called to be church. Will we remain at Trinity (that congregation being willing to partner with us) or will we choose another option?

Through this transition we are thriving — bonding in deeper ways as we meet the needs of our community and the world beyond our doors. After all, understanding what God wants often requires a period of breaking down old constructs and expectations so that the breath of the Spirit can enter in. Just think of Moses and the Hebrew people in the wilderness.

We are healthier than ever in our commitment to God’s dream and to one another. We’ve had one baptism and three confirmands so far this year. We are all deeply aware of God's presence with us through a "grace-filled" process, and will continue to prayerfully discern our long-term future.  In the meanwhile, we will live out the mission of St. Paul's:  Guided by Christ, we welcome, nurture and serve.