Lay Ministers


Acolytes help the priest lead worship, and each serves as assistant, and also either reads the first scripture passage and the psalm, or guides the prayers of the people.  Training is provided. All ages are welcome, and being an acolyte is a wonderful way to become immersed in weekly worship. If you are interested in learning more, please email Becky Sheller, Team Leader. She can be reached at .

Chalice Ministers and Lectors

We serve God through assisting the priest in distributing communion. We carry the cup of wine, Blood of the new Covenant, and by sharing it with everyone present enact the welcome and belonging that is fundamental at Christ's table. All have a place there.
We also double as lectors, reading the first selection from scripture for the day and leading the psalm, or leading the prayers of the people. We are thus doubly blessed in being able to serve.

Home Eucharistic Ministers

Home eucharistic ministers are lay people who are trained in their role for taking Holy Eucharist to those who are unable to attend church, and they licensed by the diocese for a period of three years. If you would like to join in this way of sharing ministry, please contact Deacon Jim Visger at  We offer training throughout the year as the need arises.