Interfaith Council

St. Paul’s church is a member of the Interfaith Council of Fort Collins and as such joins other churches, synagogues and social service agencies to learn about and address issues that so many of the Fort Collins people live with each day.
We have elected to go to one meeting a month, the first Thursday.  This is both a business / planning meeting and a program meeting. The program part of the meeting is first and is open to the public. During the past year, programs were presented that address hunger, homelessness, helping youth, poverty and many other social issues.

The faith-based community, such as St. Paul’s Church, pledges to support the social service agencies. The money received from the faith-based communities is the only revenue the Council receives. The Awards and Grants Committee of the Council reviews all the grant applications and awards grants depending upon the agency needs.

I want to thank the members of St. Paul’s Church for their support of the Council’s projects.

Bob Dern