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ADULT FORMATION:  "What does it take to see things from another’s perspective? How many images do we need to see, how many anguished cries do we need to hear before another’s reality becomes real enough to us to begin to see with “new eyes?” -- Rev. Lyn       Join us on Sunday morning right after the 9 am service for: "What I Hear When You Say -- Conversations about Race and Identity"



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St. Paul's at Trinity

On October 22, 2017, St. Paul's held its last Sunday services at 1208 W. Elizabeth, home since 1963.  Bishop Rob O'Neill celebrated Eucharist at the final "Secularization of a Sacred Space" service on October 25.  This was a moving service attended by members of St. Paul's, the Mary of Magdala Ecumenical Catholic Community which has shared our space for a number of years, clergy from local churches, and friends.

St. Paul's Episcopal Church and Mary of Magdala are now housed at Trinity Lutheran Church, where we all look forward to a new and exciting chapter of ecumenical engagement.