Finance Team

The Mission of the Finance Team is to ensure that the funds available to the Parish are used in the best manner possible to further God’s work.

The Team accomplishes this mission through the following major activities:

  • Conducting an annual audit of Parish finances,
  • Preparing an annual budget for review and approval by the Vestry,
  • Overseeing Parish investments,
  • Monitoring the financial health of the Parish and recommending corrective actions as needed,
  • Supervising the weekly counting procedures and timely bank deposits,
  • Providing an overall system of financial controls through the use of best practices and Episcopal Church guidelines.

Membership includes the Parish Treasurer as an ex-officio member as well as other volunteers, and fluctuates between 5 and 8 members. A Chair develops the agenda and calls the meetings.

Contact the Church Office, or 970-482-2668, to be put in touch with the chair of this team.