Education for Ministry (EfM)

EfM is a program dedicated to the spiritual formation of the laity.  Meeting in a small group that builds an atmosphere in which deep sharing can occur, participants discuss scripture and tradition and build a sense of their identity as Christians and of how they live into being instruments of God's mission in the world.

Asked to describe EfM in six words, participants said:  

  • Small faith-sharing group for exploring ministry
  • Opportunity for learning in supportive community
  • A fun, thought-provoking learning experience
  • A prize each time you're there
  • Understanding my faith in new ways
  • A way to process your day/life/dreams
  • A challenging, healing, strengthening faith journey
  • A flower blooming in the desert
  • Getting in touch with head, heart and soul

EfM is a four-year program, but participants' commitment is for a year at a time.  The four years address the Hebrew Bile, the New Testament, History of Christianity, and Theology.   

There is a $375 annual fee, and scholarships are available through St. Paul's. The cost of books and other resources are covered by this fee.  

For more information, contact Laurie Gudim ( or Terry Birdsong (

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