Centering Prayer

Centering Prayer is a receptive method of silent prayer that prepares us to receive the gift of contemplative prayer, prayer in which we experience God's presence within us, closer than breathing, closer than thinking, closer than consciousness itself. This method of prayer is both a relationship with God and a discipline to foster that relationship.

Centering Prayer is not meant to replace other kinds of prayer. Rather, it adds depth of meaning to all prayer and facilitates the movement from more active modes of prayer - verbal, mental or affective prayer - into a receptive prayer of resting in God. Centering Prayer emphasizes prayer as a personal relationship with God and as a movement beyond conversation with Christ to communion with Christ.

St. Paul's has an active Centering Prayer group that meets each Monday from noon to 12:30pm in the library.  We welcome newcomers. 

In the Fall of 2017, St. Paul's will begin a six-week audio-visual series on Centering Prayer by Thomas Keating.  If you would like to be on the Centering Prayer mailing list, please contact  For more information on Center Prayer at St. Paul's, please contact Rev. Lyn at  For more information on the Centering Prayer method, please see here.