Advent – from the Latin ad (to) and Venire (come or arrive)

Adventure –from the same root as advent, but turned into a noun in Old French -- defined by Merriam-Webster as “an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks” – or as Star Trekkers put it, “to boldly go…”

Advent at St. Paul’s – A time when we together “come to” the special celebration of our God’s coming to us in the person of Jesus Christ, our Savior – annually an adventure for us as we wait and prepare our hearts and souls for what this will mean for us in the coming year. How will we greet and meet God in the coming year?

And 2000 years ago? What an advenTURE God undertook! Coming to earth with its dangers and risks, to live among us and show us The Way we were created to live. As both our God and a fully human man, He came not to dwell among the recognized leaders, the elite, but to ordinary folk living as a conquered people, seeking peace and God’s guidance.

This Advent Season, let’s remember God’s AdvenTURE in coming to live among us. Let’s consider the advenTURE in which we are engaged and remember The Way He has shown us – to “boldly go” where God leads. Together we have done this before, loving one another and our neighbors and trusting God’s immense love for us. We shall do it again….

In anticipation,

Rhoda and John, your Wardens