It's not too late to express your gratitude


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

It’s not too late to express your gratitude to the Holy Spirit and for our St. Paul’s community by sending in your pledge card for 2019.  At this hectic time of year with demands from many places I find that I need and want to hear that still, small voice that helps me to find my way -- my direction in God.

Just this morning I was bemoaning the loss of my favorite winter hat and old gloves that our 8 month old puppy had taken and made useless. As I ate my breakfast, thinking of my annoyance and helplessness, I suddenly had a wonderful vision of pure joy: our 5 year old granddaughter playing her violin at her recital yesterday. This wonderful experience came from out of nowhere!

Or, on second thought -- was it the Holy Spirit engaging me to make an adjustment in what I was focusing on?? I went from self-centered grouchiness to outward-looking pure joy and goodness.

Ten years ago, would I have recognized that redirection and the certainty that the Holy Spirit was at work? I don’t believe so. Through my participation in EFM for the past 9 years here at St. Paul’s and through worship, activities and bonds formed in this church community I have come to see the Holy Spirit’s work here in Fort Collins and in my life every day.

Have you had similar experiences?  Has the community of St. Paul’s supported and enriched your life?  Do you turn to God and the St.Paul’s community in times of trial? If you answer, “Yes,” I hope you will show your gratitude and support -- if you haven't already -- by sending or bringing in your pledge to St. Paul’s so that we may continue to share being “Inspired by the Spirit.”


Terry Birdsong