"Where We Are" by Rev. Lyn

Each week in both the Epistle and the Sunday bulletin, there will be a brief update on “where we are” during this period of active transition to a new location. 

St. Paul’s leadership and a number of groups, especially the “Being Church” group, and the New Properties Team continue to work exceptionally hard to fulfill their respective charges – the “Being Church” group to deliberate prayerfully and deeply on articulating St. Paul’s mission; the New Properties Team to explore new opportunities for a future location.  For several months, the “Being Church” group has engaged in a challenging and creative process under the leadership of Brianna Van Dyke which is proving to be deeply fruitful.  As we move forward, Laurie Gudim, who has provided steady spiritual leadership for the group, and Briana, will collaborate with Ann Fleming from the Diocese, with a view to engaging the congregation in an all-parish discussion to finally state St. Paul’s purpose and mission.  We hope to schedule a date for this discussion (on a Sunday) for August.  Details will be provided to you as soon as possible.  

The New Properties Team, under the energetic leadership of Terry Birdsong, Becky Sheller and Charlotte Leighton, is in the process of gathering all the financial and other important details on a piece of land that that holds potential before presenting this information to the congregation.  Currently preliminary discussions are underway with Trinity Lutheran Church to determine whether our sharing space during an interim period is viable.  Please note that you are invited to take a tour of Trinity (301 E. Stuart Street) during their office hours – Monday to Thursday, 9:00 am-3:00 pm.  Rev. Lyn has met with the pastor of Shepherd of the Hills, as well.  This congregation has also expressed openness to sharing space. 

Many individuals continue to work on specific tasks, including moving the columbarium; capturing the history of St. Paul’s in pictures and words, as well as assessing costs, taking inventory, and planning all the logistics for the move - a major undertaking on which Karin Wangberg Rogers has taken the lead.

At the same time, we don’t want to lose sight of the fact that we are God’s church, and the business of being church continues … we continue to be the hands and feet of Christ in the world, listening to one another, comforting one another during this time of heightened uncertainty and anxiety.  We continue to focus on prayer and on deepening our spiritual lives as this is what will keep us grounded and energized and hopeful.  We continue to trust God, our Creator, Comforter, Sustainer, who guides us minute by minute – second by second – through these exciting, yet turbulent times.  

Thank You To the Artists

Our thanks to Laurie Gudim, who, last Sunday, did a book signing of her newly published novel, “Loving the Six-Toed Jesus; to Yash Seyedbagheri, who read several of his short stories, and to to Victoria Kempft, whose art was displayed for sale in the Parish Hall.

We were all blessed by your gifts. 

Social Justice Update

Following are dates of upcoming events:

July 17 - Immigrant Labor and Agriculture in Northeastern Colorado
Old Town Library, 201 Peterson St., Fort Collins - 6:30-8:00 pm
Sponsored by Fuerza Latina
Panelists: Jon Slutsky and George Wallace

Panel discussion with members from the agricultural community who will speak about the critical need for farmworkers, and how a shortage of labor adversely impacts our entire community. Panel members will describe the skills needed for farm work, which has become increasingly demanding and complex. They will explain the “guest worker” program and the ways in which it is broken. They will also present the facts and address the myths surrounding immigrant labor.

August 12 – Interfaith Sanctuary Coalition (IFSC) General Meeting
Foothills Unitarian Church, 1815 Yorktown Ave., 9-11:00 am
August 20th –Immigrant Detention and the Aurora Detention Center
How has detention and removal changed in the last few months?
Plymouth Congregational Church, 916 W. Prospect, 2-4:00 pm
With RMIAN (Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network) and Casa de Paz.

For Such a Time as This:
A Call to Prayer, Fasting, and Advocacy

In early May this year, The Most Rev. Michael B. Curry, Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church, and The Rev. Elizabeth A. Eaton, presiding bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), issued a joint statement calling for prayer, fasting and advocacy as one way to address cuts to public programs that are vital to hungry people who are living in poverty.

The statement "For Such a Time As This" calls for fasting on the 21st of each month through December 2018, at which time the 115th Congress will conclude. The 21st of each month is targeted because by that day about 90 percent of Supplemental Nutrition Benefits Program (SNAP) benefits have been used.

The call to fast was launched by a group of national and local leaders who participated in a three-day fast from May 21-23 in anticipation of the May 21 Global Day to End Famine.  

Click here to hear a short video by The Most Rev. Michael B. Curry about “For Such a Time as This,” and here to hear The Rev. Elizabeth A. Eaton.

Update on Funding for Colorado Haiti Project




For further information, please contact Lawrence Baietti at the_baiettis@hotmail.com.  For more information on the Colorado Haiti project see here.

Total Eclipse – August 21

by Laurie Gudim

In Fort Collins, we'll only be able to see a partial eclipse, meaning that there isn't anything dramatic that will happen, other than being able to observe, through special glasses only, the moon cover most of the sun.

North, however, in Wyoming, the eclipse will be total.  This means that the sky will get dark, the air will cool, and f it's a clear day we will be able to see the sun's corona around the edges of the moon, which will block it out entirely.  It should be an awesome visceral experience.  It's going to be a once in a lifetime event. 

Glendo, about 2 1/2 hours away, might be a good destination.  See their websitehere

The second part of the plan is to have a special worship service at St. Paul's after the event - a special thanks and praise celebration of God's awesome grandeur and intimate connection to each of us.  

More details to follow.

If you are interested in participating in this adventure to northern Wyoming to witness this once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon, please contact Laurie Gudim at roseanlaurie@gmail.com.

 Adult Ed - Mindfulness


On Sunday, July 30, Nancy Severin, Director of Spiritual Formation at St. Charles in Fort Morgan, and author of the Prayers of the People that we are currently using during Sunday worship, will lead a program entitled:  "An Introduction to Mindfulness: Living Ordinary Life with Extraordinary Awareness." 

Nancy is a certified spiritual director and has training in centering prayer and contemplative living. She is also a Benedictine oblate, and is serving as Worship and Devotions Chair on the National Board of the Daughters of the King.

Nancy will be also with us on Saturday, July 29 to talk to Daughters from St. Paul's and other Episcopal churches, including St. Luke's, All Saints in Loveland, and Trinity in Greeley.