Property Update by Rhoda Robinson, Senior Warden

Your Vestry has been especially busy over the past month.  Issues related to the sale of our 1208 W. Elizabeth church building, as well as issues related to new properties identified and being researched, have required two special meetings as well as our regular monthly meeting last week.  

Work on the sale is very close to completion now.  We learned this week that agreements on the part of all the other players in the sale’s transaction were reached before the final due diligence date of June 20.  Now John Williams, and our lawyer, Larry Hitt, are working on final paperwork in preparation of the official closing at the end of this month.  

The task of finding a new place for our church family continues with lots of research and meetings with various people, including our dedicated Cushman and Wakefield realtor.  Terry Birdsong’s latest report shows that we have already looked at 88 properties — some just land, some with buildings and land. Some good opportunities have recently emerged, details of which we will share with all of you as soon as possible.  The good news in the meantime is that, even though the sale will be complete this month, we do not need to vacate the property for another six months — we still have time to find the “right” place to re-plant St. Paul’s!

Not only has the Vestry been busy but many parishioners have been quite busy this month!  

  • The Youth Mission trip was a wonderful success — and, as we all know, that doesn’t happen without a lot of planning and coordination.  If you were unable to hear about the trip when youth members and leaders spoke in church June 18, be sure to ask one of the young people or Jacki or Logan, their leaders, about it — a wonderful time was had by all!  
  • The Food Bank ministry not only continued collections and deliveries but also gathered a group to work at the Food Bank for a shift in June.
  • A variety of people continued work on cleaning, sorting and organizing things as well as gathering data about costs for moving and storage. 
  • Between snowstorms, spring rains and warm Colorado sunshine, the grounds have continued to keep our dedicated groundskeepers busy — they have put in multiple hours to keep everything looking absolutely wonderful!
  • Hospitality folks worked hard for the June luncheon and for every coffee hour.
  • And all who contribute so much to make our St. Paul’s family not only function well but thrive in these tumultuous, traffic barrier times!

Both John and I will be out of town next week (June 24-July 2) so if you have any questions about either the sale or new properties during that time, please contact Rev. Lyn. Terry will be out of town most of the summer; Becky Sheller and Charlotte Leighton are getting up to speed to take leadership of the New Properties Team over the summer.

Thanks to all for your contributions to the life and work of our church.  May we all feel the presence of God who holds us close as we travel unknown roads in search of the place we are called to be.


Reflections from Rev. Lyn

I took this picture from Plymouth Congregation Church - the mosque is in the background.  This beautiful view is a reminder to me of who is really in charge! Always has been, always will be. AMEN.

God bless you all!